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My latest short story work has been featured in a variety of publications recently and you can check out some of them below.


CHM: Not Everything Buried is Dead

Noir Cosmic Horror! A low-level criminal trying to double cross a mob boss is stuffed into a coffin and discovers not everything buried is dead.

Published in the January, 2023 issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly


Madame Gray's Poe-Pourri of Terror: It Ain't Rats

A young graduate student rents an attic apartment only to discover something is incessently scratching inside the walls.

It Ain’t Rats is published in the Poe-Pourri of Terror anthology


Lovecraftiana: Black Sand

Assault on Devil Reef off the coast of Innsmouth.

Published in the February issue of Lovecraftiana


Cosmos: I Can Touch the Light

I Can Touch the Light is a microfiction science fiction horror story homage to H.P. Lovecraft’s Colour Out of Space.

Published in Ghost Orchid’s Cosmos Drabble anthology

Dark Recesses: Storm Surge

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Trust the Gortons Fisherman in Storm Surge!

Read it online at the Dark Recesses website

CHM: I Have Seen the Yellow King

I Have Seen the Yellow King is a 6600 word horror short story about a painter who suffers from prosopagnosia until he sees a performance of The King in Yellow and things go from bad to worse.

Published in Cosmic Horror Monthly, September 2021 issue


The Hunger

What do flesh-eating cell phones, brain-enhancing tacos, and a real live dead foot have in common?

They’re all tools in the destruction of our world, and a weapons-grade team of heavily-armed Miskatonic University nerds may be humanity’s last hope.

Something is ripping holes in the Veil of energy that separates our world from that of the ancient evils writhing just beyond what we think is reality. Time is running out for Professors Derrick LeStrand, Howard Strauss and their team of researchers as they race to hunt down a mysterious Frenchman who wields Necromantic Death Magic unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Tearing open psychological wounds from Derrick’s past, the cabalistic sorcerer is gathering ancient icons of power to pierce the Veil and bring down the only thing shielding mankind from the relentless horrors beyond.

If they fail, the only questions that will remain are who will live in servitude to the Great Old Ones and who will die…and who will supply Derrick with tacos?

Set against the backdrop of a world where H.P. Lovecraft was not a fiction writer, but a Sweep, a special operative trained to protect the collective sanity of the human race with misinformative blends of fact and fiction … where the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual is little more than a slightly skewed Audubon Field Guide, and the monster movies you grew up with are more documentary than not.

It's Lovecraftian Lethal Weapon cranked to eleven!

The Hunger

Cover painting for Madness in the Void!

This collection will include a novella that is a tie-in to Piercing the Veil where the predominant action takes place in the 1920s while HP Lovecraft was working as a Sweep for the DCV. 


The Hunger

Full Novella now a paperback and ebook!

Brian Lockwood was raised in fear, and drowned in guilt over his mother’s suicide.
When he loses his job, his life takes a sharp, dark and violent turn.
But, things may not be at all what they seem–they may be far, far worse!


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Guy Riessen is an American author of contemporary dark fiction spanning the science fiction, horror, fantasy and crime genres. Born in  South Dakota, he grew up in the Southern California beach town of Huntington Beach. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985, graduated with a degree in English from UC Berkeley, and has been living in the wild lands north of San Francisco ever since. After nearly two decades of creating artwork for the visual effects industry for video games and film, he returned to his first passion: writing speculative fiction.

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