A mainstay of Cthulhu fiction, the Boeing 80 biplane “airliner” is the workhorse that flies Miskatonic researchers and dilettantes to expeditions into Lovecraftian darkness.

So, of course, I had to paint one in the cover art for the my next novel, Madness in the Void. I painted while I watched the Winter Olympics. Hopefully the cold weather in south Korea added a nice chili flavor to the Miskatonic University’s expedition to the Antarctic.

Awww, little madness is soooo cute in the void!

I made the last few tweaks on Valentines Day…and this is story could be described as a love story…a cosmic horror love story. No really, it’s cosmic horror and I mashed it into a love story. It’s delicious, like guacamole…you know, with chili